How are vacation requests handled and how much notice needs to be given?

For an employee to take any accrued vacation, it must first be approved by their supervisor. Prior to the approval of the vacation, the employee must make sure they are eligible to use the accrued vacation time.

A regular full-time employee who has completed their six-month probation period is eligible to use accrued vacation time. It is the employee’s responsibility to notify their supervisor with as much advance notice as possible, and in accordance with specific department rules for any vacation request.

The employee should submit the appropriate department leave request form to the supervisor within enough notice to allow the supervisor to make any arrangements needed to maintain sufficient departmental staffing levels. Depending upon the department, advance notice could be two weeks or one month, contingent upon departmental rules.

The supervisor is then placed with the responsibility of responding to the leave request (approved or not) in a timely fashion so that the employee can make any necessary arrangements. Overall, vacation leave is a benefit to all regular full-time employees. Having the opportunity to use vacation time not only benefits the employee, but also the company culture. Keeping employees happy, focused and productive is vital to the health of the organization.

For more details concerning vacation leave, refer to the Vacation Leave Policy available on Inet. For more information, email Senior Employee Relations Advisor TeRena Colbert at or call (972) 721-7704.

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