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Posted on: October 22, 2018

Safety Message: Protect Your Hands


Hand injuries account for 80 percent of all occupational injuries. This is because the hands are engaged in almost all activities on the job. Can you imagine any occupation that does not make use of the hand? They carry out the skills needed to perform most daily activities. In fact, hands as tools can perform many more intricate functions than any single tool developed by man.

There are many dangerous conditions on the job to which the hand is always exposed: sharp edges, pinch points, protruding objects, splinters, exposed blades on unguarded machinery and many more. These conditions may not always be obvious to the worker.

A necessary precaution is to wear approved work gloves. Not all gloves offer protection from all hand injuries. Check the appropriateness of the gloves for the task before using them. Also, machines are guarded to avoid accidental exposure of moving parts to the hands and parts of the body. Make sure all machines used are properly guarded at all times.

For more information, contact Risk Management Specialist Winfred Amondi or call (972) 721-8097. 

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