Policies and Procedures

Full-, Part-Time Employees

  1. Arrests, confinements and indictments (PDF)
  2. At-will employment (PDF)
  3. Bereavement leave (PDF)
  4. Breaks (PDF)
  5. Call back (PDF)
  6. Catastrophic leave (PDF)
  7. Categories and classifications of workers (PDF)
  8. Cellular telephones (PDF)
  9. Computer and network acceptable use (PDF)
  10. Conflict of interest (PDF)
  11. Criminal History Background Reports (PDF)
  12. Deferred compensation (PDF)
  13. Demotions (PDF)
  14. Discipline (PDF)
  15. Discrimination complaints (PDF)
  16. Dress code (PDF)
  17. Drug and alcohol policy for employees subject to DOT (PDF)
  18. Employee Recognition Policy (PDF)
  19. Employment of relatives (PDF)
  20. Employment verification (PDF)
  21. Equal employment opportunity (PDF)
  22. Ethics (PDF)
  23. Examinations and tests (PDF)
  24. Family and medical leave (PDF)
  25. Flex time (PDF)
  26. Fraud, waste and abuse (PDF)
  27. General complaints and grievances (PDF)
  28. Gifts and gratuities (PDF)
  29. Health fitness assessment (PDF)
  30. Health plan (PDF)
  31. Health/Medical examinations/Fitness for duty (PDF)
  32. Holidays (PDF)
  33. Honoraria and expert testimony (PDF)
  34. Hours worked, compensations and rates of pay (PDF)
  35. Identification badge (PDF)
  36. Inclement weather (PDF)
  37. Internet and electronic-mail use (PDF)
  38. Jury duty and court appearances (PDF)
  39. Language skills pay (PDF)
  40. Liability for loss or damage to city property or issued equipment (PDF)
  41. Longevity pay (PDF)
  42. Management authority (PDF)
  43. Military leave (PDF)
  44. On-call status (PDF)
  45. On-the-Spot awards (PDF)
  46. Outside employment (PDF)
  47. Overtime compensation and compensatory time (PDF)
  48. Paid and unpaid administrative leave and leave of absence (PDF)
  49. Pay system (PDF)
  50. Performance improvement (PDF)
  51. Personal leave (PDF)
  52. Personal Mobile Device Use Policy (PDF)
  53. Personnel files (PDF)
  54. Political activity (PDF)
  55. Position classification and pay (PDF)
  56. Promotions (PDF)
  57. Recruitment and hiring (PDF)
  58. Safety standards (PDF)
  59. Salary supplementation program (PDF)
  60. Scope and general provisions (PDF)
  61. Searches (PDF)
  62. Sexual and other illegal harassment (PDF)
  63. Shift differential pay (PDF)
  64. Sick leave (PDF)
  65. Sick leave buy back (PDF)
  66. Smoking (PDF)
  67. Social Media (PDF)
  68. Substance abuse (PDF)
  69. Supplemental benefit plan (PDF)
  70. Tax savers plan (PDF)
  71. Telephone use (PDF)
  72. Temporary modified duty (PDF)
  73. Termination of employee status (PDF)
  74. Termination pay (PDF)
  75. Texas Municipal Retirement System (PDF)
  76. Tool allowance (PDF)
  77. Transfers (PDF)
  78. Tuition reimbursement (PDF)
  79. Uniform styles and purchases (PDF)
  80. Vacation leave (PDF)
  81. Vehicle use (PDF)
  82. Weapons ban and violence prevention (DOC)
  83. Working in more than one city department (PDF)